2 days until 12 hour treadmill challenge

20 11 2014


So with only a few days left and my first ever experience of ‘runners knee’, I’ve been taking it easy. I did an hour on the above treadmill last night, this is the machine I’ll be using, kindly provided by Ribby Hall. It’s nice and roomy, with easy controls and a handy shelf for food/ water/ iPod etc. If I could change two things it would be the automatic reset when the machine is paused for more than 60 seconds and the units of distance are in kilometres. Otherwise it feels more than up to the task!

As I hinted my knee has been niggling, patellar tendonosis. I have no doubt this will be exposed on Saturday and is my biggest risk.


I’ve been practicing my Kenisiology taping- not too shabby if I do say so myself 😀

I’m apprehensive about the practicalities. Normally I prepare and plan a race single-handedly, for this I’m relying on two hotels and numerous individuals… More chance for something to go wrong.

I’ve downloaded an audiobook- I went for ‘Life Without Limits’ by Chrissie Wellington and I’ve treated myself to a new album ‘Bob Seger and the silver bullet band’- good old classic rock n roll, easy to run too, nice tempo for running 🏃

So tomorrow evening I’ll nip to the hotel and see the set up, collect everything on my list (see previous blog post) and rest!

There’s still time to donate to this wonderful cause!

Wish me luck 😉





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