I wish I was a poet

1 10 2012

Last nights long run was amazing. I didn’t have a camera however I doubt it could have done the experience justice. Unfortunately I’m not talented enough with words to express how great I felt but that hasn’t stopped me so far…

I set off about 7p.m. It had been raining heavily but stopped just before I was heading out. As I was getting ready I could see the heavy grey sky was glowing with the last rays of the sun. It’s a weirdly beautiful colour that’s difficult to describe. The sunset after a storm gives off an orange glow with the type of warmth that I’d compare to that which I’ve seen in pictures of the dust clouds over a volcano.

However I don’t live near a volcano so putting this view down to a post-storm sunset I ventured out in relative safety. I took my rain jacket as I expected this sunset to highlight the threat of further rain but quickly took it off as I overheated.

I headed for the beach, west then northwest towards Blackpool. As I reached the sand I realised the light was fading quickly and the previous thick cloud had been pushed to the periphery leaving the remaining wisps to break up the sky which was slowly turning from orange to dark blue ahead and dark blue/ black as night crept up behind me like a cat sneaking up on its prey.

I was mesmerised by the beauty ahead and only occasionally turned to survey the darkness closing in with stealth from the west. My running was relaxed. It seems somewhat alien to me that a long run is now only 80 minutes, previously a long run was 4-5 hours! It felt very comfortable, I had no fancy gear to analyse as I ran, just a watch so that when I’d run 40 minutes in one direction I could turn back.

When I reached my 40 minutes I turned, the wind was now cooling my right side, slightly against but not in a way that it slowed my progress. It didn’t take long for my eyes to adjust as the horizon had only held a hint of light before I turned back on myself. Now on my left side the moon was barging its way through the clearing clouds, providing me with enough light to navigate a route home.

Wow, what a sight, the moon was (and I checked afterwards) as full as full can be. It was the type of moon that looked spherical, not just round it was the 3D version, as if you’d got those silly glasses on and it was coming out of the sky at you. I felt properly weird, almost high, like a kid, free, without a worry in the world. At one point I was running along the beach with my arms out to the side like I did when I was a kid pretending to be an aeroplane…

The moon lit the beach up; the water from the receded tide combined with the recent downpour left ripples of water on the wrinkled sand and helped me carve my path home. I looked up and could see the appearance of some stars and satellites with an aeroplane high overhead, it’s vapour trail lit up in brilliant white by the moonlight as it crossed the navy blue sky.

With the overflowing feeling of joy I continued to run quicker without any extra effort flowing forwards across the sand like the spring tide would in a few hours’ time, removing my footprints with speed and a gentle force that only nature can demonstrate.

Out of interest – at full moon, the Sun, Moon and Earth form a line (a condition known as ‘syzygy’) the tidal force due to the sun reinforces that due to the Moon. The tide’s range is then at its maximum: this is called the spring tide, or just springs (it is not named after the season).

The night didn’t need it but as if to put a big exclamation mark on how I was feeling I looked to my right to be greeted with a flash on the Southport shoreline, across the estuary. It was a fireworks display and for the remaining 15 minutes of my run the display continued with every exploding colour adding to the experience. My visual senses had been overwhelmed and I sucked it up and enjoyed every last second.

What a run, so good I wish I could have written a poem about it!




2 responses

1 10 2012

You’re not a poet, but eloquently put.

1 10 2012

Poet or not, you write well enough to paint lovely pictures in my brain. Sounds like a really, really fabulous run. I especially love that you ran along with your arms out for a while. 🙂

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